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Elements Of a “Parade Ready” Home

What makes a parade-ready home stand out from all the other homes for sale in the neighborhood? All of the guess-work is taken out of the buying (and selling) process. When buyers look at your home, they will be able to imagine themselves living in it. They feel secure knowing that the home has been inspected by professionals, is in good repair, and has a whole house warranty. It looks better, shows easier, and feels ready-to-move-in.

A parade-ready home is:

Pre-inspected - consisting of a physical inspection, and based on the results, it may be necessary to do some of the following: pest inspection, HVAC inspection, fireplace, air conditioning, roof, well, or septic inspections. All inspections will be paid for by us.Repaired - most minor repairs will be done prior to listing including things such as leaking faucets, stress cracks, caulking, touch-up painting, etc. We will provide several hours of handyman services, if needed. Major repairs will either be completed or estimates will be provided by the seller for those services.

Shows well or is professionally staged – We will provide professional staging, if necessary, to help prepare your home for selling. The stager places emphasis on looking at the home through the eyes of a buyer.

Professionally cleaned – We will provide a cleaning crew either at the listing or at the seller’s move out, your choice. This makes your moving day much simpler and allows you to focus on your new home rather than having to spend your precious time cleaning.

Condition is warranted – a whole-house home warranty will be provided for the period of time your house is listed with us as well as a full year home warranty for the buyers at close. What this means is if any of the systems of your home, such as the furnace, dishwasher, etc, fail while it is listed with me, you will have only a $60 deductible and that item will be repaired in a timely manner.

Provided with a Home Book – buyers love information about the house. Our book is filled with useful information about the community, comparable sales, inspection reports, repair invoices, etc. In our experience, buyers are very interested in these books, especially if they are visiting the house for a second time and are considering making an offer.

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