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Moving to Reno? Here are few things you should know but may not find in the travel guides.

Updated: Jan 30, 2019

“Downtown can be fun but the real action is in the neighborhoods” People frequently tell me that they’re quite familiar with Reno because they have vacationed here several times. After taking a neighborhood tour these same folks they are often struck with the wide variety of housing and lifestyle options Reno has to offer.

“Pack an extra jacket in your trunk” We experience big temperature swings between afternoon and evening almost every day. Keep an extra layer or two handy throughout the year. A blanket is not a bad idea either.

“You’ll hear complaints about the traffic” Mostly from long time locals.“People often chuckle when locals complain about the traffic” Mostly folks recently relocated from the Bay Area.

“Our School Zones are 15 miles per hour” This catches many new residents by surprise and the local authorities are bent on enforcement.

“It gets breezy in the afternoon on most Summer days” The mountain breeze really cools us down on hot afternoons. Look for a property with an east facing back door and your home will provide afternoon shade and act as a wind-break.

“South facing driveways = less snow shoveling” These folks are usually the envy of the neighborhood after a winter storm. “North-Facers” will often be seen applying equal amounts of elbow grease and ice melt well after the storm has passed.

“We have some REALLY COOL local events” Artown, Food Truck Fridays, First Thursday at the Museum, Reno Aces, Reno Rodeo: The list goes on… Reno offers lots of excuses to stay off the couch so get out and have some fun. Did I mention Burning Man?

“You shouldn’t drive 50+ in the snow & ice, even if you have a 4wd vehicle” Okay, this is my personal pet peeve, I just had to “slip” it in.

“Yard sprinkler systems need to be winterized” Then de-winterized in the Spring. Usually left to professionals but most DIY’ers can master this with the help of YouTube or a helpful neighbor. We’ve got a lot of those.

“It can be a challenge to garden here” Speaking of yards, we have a relatively short growing season, but we do have our share of greenery. Check with the experts (I like Heirloom Gardens) and they’ll get you off on the right foot when gardening in our variable temperatures.

“It’s not just a river, it’s a wild mountain river” In very dry years the Truckee River is sometimes reduced to a trickle. In other times it can boil and rage. At its best, the Truckee provides a great excuse to buy or rent a raft and float from Dorostkar Park right into Downtown.

“Looking for a place to live? There’s a line” Like many western cities, housing is in short supply and it’s not getting better anytime soon. Whether buying or leasing, a good real estate broker can help with this competitive process.

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