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Real Estate’s Dreaded “Slow Season”

The holiday lull, it comes in many forms. Often homes are pulled off the market for a month or more because their sellers can’t bear the thought of trying to keep them show-ready when busy with guests, celebrations, and general chaos. Meanwhile, buyers are also busy with holiday agendas, and house hunting goes on the back burner.

To some extent, these two reactions feed off each other. Buyers assume there won’t be much inventory to look at. Sellers assume no one in their right mind would be out shopping for a home over the holidays. So, both assumptions become self-fulfilling prophesies.

The reality is that some real estate sales transactions do go through during the holiday season. We like to remind our buyers that while there may not be as many available homes on the market during the holiday season, the ones that are listed tend to have motivated sellers, and the competition to buy them may be reduced. Similarly, we tell our sellers that buyers who are squeezing in house hunting trips between shopping and decorating are clearly serious and we don’t want to miss the opportunity to impress.

While some agents like to take the holidays off, here at Nevada Home Connections it is game on. Who knows what the spring holds? Higher prices? Maybe. Higher interest rates? Maybe. No time like the present

Courtesy of Linda Humphrey

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