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South Valleys, Foothills, and Highlands


This is a difficult region to write about due to its expanse and various pocket communities, all distinctive in their own way. From Highway 395 (or 580 depending on how long you’ve been around here) and to the east and south of the Mt Rose/Geiger Grade Highways you’ll find the south 

valleys, foothills and highlands. As varied as they are, the neighborhoods typically have one thing in common: lots of space. 


The nearby Virginia Foothills and rural Virginia City Highlands lot sizes range from .5 to 50 acres or more. Pleasant Valley, Steamboat Valley and Washoe Valley homes range from moderately priced ranchettes to elegant estate properties. For the most part I would not classify this area as convenient but there are an upscale shopping mall and grocery store in relatively close proximity. Many if not most students are bussed however the overall school zoning is considered good to very good. Local tip: Typical responses from out of town house hunters range from “It’s too far from town” to “This is why I want to move to Nevada”. You’ll have to decide for yourself.

2016 Census Data: 89704 (Washoe Valley only)

●     Population: 4,315 (2016 ACS 5-Year Estimate)

●     Median Age: 53.4

●     Education, Bachelor’s Degree or Higher: 33.4%

●     Median Income: $89,607

●     Average Home Sold Price 2017: $384,000 – 2018: $430,000

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